Bug Report List

This page contains a list of all submitted bug reports. Every report will receive a number and a link to the detailed report.

Additionaly the date of submission and the date when a fix is applied will be given.

For every Unresolved Issue a priority will be set, indicating how severe the issue is:

  • Priority 1:  Critcal Bugs or bugs which affect all users [P1]
  • Priotity 2:  Bugs which only affect a certain group of users or are not experienceable all the time [P2]
  • Priority 3: Spelling or visual errors [P3]

Answered but unresolved issues will be marked with a  at the end. The answer for the report will be included in the specific report.

Resolved issues will be marked in green. Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority 3

Feel free to add a comment if you think there is a bug which is not in the list.





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